Conversation 8: From Scarcity to Abundance

In Conversation 8: From Scarcity to Abundance, join our hosts Emma Sron (US) and Neil Oliver (UK) and panelists from around the world as this very important subject is discussed. They include Robin Monotti (UK), Derrick Broze (MX/US), Stephanie Locricchio (US), Darren Deojee (UK), Dan Astin-Gregory (UK), Dr Simon Goddek (BR), Rory Duff (UK), Howdie Mickoski and Rev Dr Wai-Ching Lee (SG). 



How can we find abundance in a world being where scarcity is being manufactured at an alarming rate, watch our panelists explore this together.

For decades, dysfunctional beliefs have been separating us from one another and Nature, preventing us from living fulfilled and harmonious lives. Lockdowns, mask mandates, social distancing and scarcity have been deleterious, but also forced many to start asking the most crucial question: is there a better way? Join these inspiring speakers who will explore how we can free ourselves from limiting beliefs, reconnect, and create conscious, abundant communities together. This last conversation will set us on the path away from fear, toward love and trust, remembering who we are, and embracing the infinite positive possibilities available to us. Let us know your thoughts on this conversation, from scarcity to abundance and be involved in our better way. If you have enjoyed this conversation, find more here.

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