Conversation 7: From One Health to Our Health

In Conversation 7: From One Health to Our Health, join hosts Dr Mark Trozzi (CA) and James Corbett (CA/JP) along with panelists Shabnam Palesa Mohamed (SA), Dr Atsuo Yanagisawa (JP), Fahrie Hassan (SA), Reggie Littlejohn (US), Kim Witczak (US), Dietrich Klinghardt (DE), Dr Ramiz Ahmed-Man (UK), and Dr Tess Lawrie (UK) as we discover ways to take our power back.



Under the banner of a One Health approach, those controlling the WHO are pushing for legally-binding power for the WHO to call potential or actual international health emergencies, mandate experimental vaccinations for the world’s people, and enforce these mandates, even if countries or their people do not agree. It is an unprecedented coup that threatens to destroy country sovereignty altogether. Meanwhile, a global push for ‘health’ passports is trampling on people’s inalienable rights and body sovereignty. Centralised power is what the globalists want, but what do we want? Divide and conquer is how they achieve their goal; how do we achieve ours?  Let’s take our power back in this conversation, and decide a better future for ourselves.

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