Conversation 5: From Climate Change to Nature Nurture

In Conversation 5: From Climate Change to Nature Nurture, join hosts Christof Plothe DO (DE) and Veronika Kyrylenko (US/UA) for this very timely conversation. They are accompanied by panelists from around the world including Prof Norman Fenton (UK), Feisal Mansoor (LK), Daisy Fretwell (UK), Dr Jeremy Birnstingl (UK), David Fleming (UK), Emma Sron (US), Derrick Broze (MX/US), and Dr André Leu (AU).

BWC23 C5

BWC23 C5

So what is addressed in Conversation 5: From Climate Change to Nature Nurture?

Weather manipulation, damaging farming practices and geo-engineering are contributing to disease and destruction of our planet. Meanwhile, a questionable net zero agenda is being used to justify and implement draconian restrictions, including 15-minute cities that will control where we go, how we travel and whether we can travel at all. How do we push back? In this conversation we’ll explore solutions to the impacts of the climate change agenda, envisioning a net-positive future where farming nourishes people and planet, and movement is free.

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