Conversation 4: From Electrosmog to Nature’s Frequencies

Join our hosts Jemma Cooper (UK) and Shabnam Palesa Mohamed (SA) for Conversation 4: From Electrosmog to Nature’s Frequencies, along with guest panelists Dietrich Klinghardt (DE), Kathleen Burke (US), Prof Olle Johansson (SE), Dr Beverly Rubik (US), James Corbett (CA/JP), Ramiro Romani (US), Debra Fry (UK), and Christof Plothe, DO (DE).

BWC23 C4 Live

BWC23 C4 Live

This conversation 4: ‘From Electrosmog to Nature’s Frequencies is one of the most important and widely unknown discussions we can have. Anything can become pollution if there’s too much of it in the wrong place. Radio frequency radiation has been rapidly escalated to facilitate high level human surveillance including digital identification and the internet of things. Unregulated, it poses the most urgent crisis currently affecting humankind and all life on Earth. In this conversation we discuss, the impact of manmade EMF, how to take the necessary steps to reduce it, and how to get people active and engaged on this most important issue. Hopefully you will find this discussion informative and inspiring, we also have 7 other conversations from the Better way Conference 2023 which you can find by clicking here. You can also keep up to date with us by subscribing to our newsletter, by using this link.

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