Conversation 3: From AI & Transhumanism to Being Human

In Conversation 3: From AI & Transhumanism to Being Human, join hosts Dr Mark Trozzi (CA) and James Corbett (CA/JP) and speakers Vera Sharav (US), Derrick Broze (MX/US), Jan Wellmann (AT), Dr Carrie Madej (US), Rain Trozzi (CA), Mattias Desmet (BE), Ramiro Romani (US), and Laura Aboli (Europe) as they discuss this eye-opening topic.

BWC23 Conversation 3

BWC23 Conversation 3

AI, together with the drive to splice humans with technology – from chips in the brain to under-the-skin chips and even via injection – raises profound and urgent questions about freedom, consent, and the future of our species. In the face of an aggressive push to introduce Artificial Intelligence, is transhumanism inevitable? Can it bring benefit or only harm? In conversation 3: From AI & Transhumanism to Human Being, we will unpick the implications, go deep into what it means to be human, and explore how we co-create a future where the sanctity of life is fully honoured. 

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  1. I just wanted to say thank you for the information. Scrolling tiktok I found out about your conference and what it consisted about and found it to be very useful. I am also going to repost some of the information for the possibility of some one seeing it for the first time and becoming aware of the behind the scenes actions. Again Thank you

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