Conversation 2: From Fake Foods to Food as Medicine

In Conversation 2: From Fake Foods to Food as Medicine, join hosts Shabnam Palesa Mohamed (SA) and Richard Vobes (UK) along with speakers from around the world including Patrick Holford (UK), Dr Sabine Hazan (US), Christof Plothe, DO (DE), Dr Sarah Myhill (UK), B. Love (CA), Dr Marivic Villa (PH), Dr Marc Cohen (AU), and Dr Zoë Harcombe (UK) to learn more about how we can harness the healing power of food.

BWC23 C2 Live.mp4

BWC23 C2 Live.mp4

Synthetic ‘meats’, ground insects and other novel, highly processed products are being marketed as healthy, conscious alternatives – but are they? Is organic food no more than a luxury product, or can organic production truly feed the world? How is food production related to sovereignty, and how can food unlock lasting and profoundly good health and well-being? Join us for Conversation 2: From Fake Foods to Food as Medicine, as we uncover the reality behind slick marketing campaigns and explore the power of naturally grown, local food to transform and reinvigorate the health and resilience of individuals, the land we live on, and our communities. 

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The following speaker slides are available for download:

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