Conversation 1: From Big Pharma to Real Health

In Conversation 1: From Big Pharma to Real Health, join hosts Dr Mark Trozzi (CA) and Veronika Kyrylenko (US/UA) along with speakers Dr Pierre Kory (US), Dr Jessica Rose (CA), Deanna McLeod (CA), Dr Meryl Nass (US), Dr Paul Marik (US), Dr Karina Acevedo-Whitehouse (MX), Clive de Carle (UK), Dr Tina Peers (UK) and Dr Reiner Fuellmich (DE) for this very important discussion.



Big Pharma’s wholesale capture of regulatory bodies, research institutions and journals has allowed its hunger for profit to go unchecked. Expensive, inadequately tested drugs and therapies have become prioritised, and the consequent harms done to those often forced to take them, remain largely unacknowledged. Conversation 1: From Big Pharma to Real Health will seek to redress this imbalance, putting health first and restoring personal choice to healthcare. Together we’ll explore the rich and wondrous solutions already available – from safe, repurposed and cheap medicines, to non-medical therapies and other well-established, safe alternatives that form part of a better way. 

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2 thoughts on “Conversation 1: From Big Pharma to Real Health”

  1. Concerned Health Coach

    The BWC audio was dreadful as the video progressed. Unknown if problem my end or at recording stage. One minute a woman speaking no idea who she was. Couldn’t understand intro. Next is Paul Marik speaking mid sentence. What is going on? Are we being targeted?

    1. Sorry to hear that you are experiencing issues with this video, we have tested it our end but cannot recreate the problem. Please could you try this again in a different browser and let us know if the problem persists?

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